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Are we racing back towards our beginning, entranced in futures-past, is tomorrows technology the high priestess, the culmination point, is time seeding itself from branch to root, from the earth to the heavens, are we working our way back through the archives of an encrypted code entombed in the earth to establish telemetry within the heavens or are we moving forward through the heavens to re-establish communications within the earth. Will we stay within digital dreams forever or settle back into analog notions, could we be entangled in-between two strings, not knowing which end to untie and which to tie together.

If the shoe fits don’t where it.

Time bending upon the axis of a circle squared.

Tripping over the laces of reality.

Walking without rhythm the bear feet feel the drum of the earth.

Yet wearing the socks of logic makes winters frost warm the toes.

The square gives pause and boundary to the circles curvature.

Cornering on the right angles of reason.

Walking in step to feel the measure of the heavens.

Paradox, the Mighty-ReArranger. The end. Or possibly just the beginning.

-Josh Fleming

Image by: Jorinde Voigt





Though darkness sweeps hard against the rigid spine, I will not void the tresspass, I shall summit the mountain. If by the grace of ghosts, the light cannot see without reflection. I cup the water in shaky hands, as the morning broods awake. The slow release of time comforts the final steps, to move with accord of what flows through the wind, as no divide exists, beyond memory, time is without shackles. The moon carries over the tide, weak and weary I rest atop with angels. I never saw such dreams as vivid as the moment I stopped to see the world as it is, as it was, as it will be, with or without me.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: Lukas Furlan


To Return You Must First Leave


Remember what coils up inside, let go of whatever binds, gather up the warmth that is needed, then strike out into the depths of the Wild. Seek out the experience, this is how we save ourselves from ourselves. This is how we find the tuning to bend the strings, to bring harmony back to our senses, to bring harmony back to our world.

– Josh Fleming



The mind often changes its direction before we can even see where its been or where its going. It jumps around hitchhiking from one thought to the next, slingshot from one synapse to the other. Riddled in the dizzying cognitive maze, looping us through our days, keeping up with all this baggage from the best and worst of days. Maybe one of these days will catch a ride, contented in the journey ahead, with no intentions on getting anywhere to soon. As the moment is fine, traveling with no apparent destination.

– Josh Fleming

Inspired by: ADD

Image by: Jorinde Voigt




Our perceptions get us stuck so easily, pontificating all that surrounds us, trying to hack this daily drone. Its hum drowns out our original senses, the white noise of cultural static. Jammed up in the daily traffic of our minds, only seeing the grey lines, not realizing the sky is always clear on the other-side. We are not made to be sedentary, it is not in our design, as we are always at the edge of discovery, we must keep moving.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: Reuben Wu