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When great Nature sighs, we hear the winds

Which, noiseless in themselves,

Awaken voices from other beings,

Blowing on them.

From every opening

Loud voices sound. Have you not heard

This rush of tones?

Thomas Merton translation of Chuang Tzu

Image by: Franz Walter



Thoughts On The Dao


“If you are always without desires, you thereby observe its marvels. If always have desires, you thereby observe its outer fringe.” -Laozi

Possible interpretations:

A. If you are not seeking something from afar, you are much more aptly to attain and immerse your being with what is occurring in that moment with the Dao, being in an ordinary state of consciousness, yet fully absorbed in its action. If you are seeking beyond this you are missing what is in view as you cast your gaze at other possible outcomes, becoming only immersed in an imaginative rendering of a yet to be approached outcome. -Josh Fleming

B. “Meant here by “outer fringe” are perhaps empirical observable natural phenomena, all of which come about through the power and working of the mysterious Dao, but none of which manifest the Dao itself. By somehow becoming free of desires, it would appear that you are supposed to acquire a capacity to comprehend what eludes the grasp of ordinary consciousness.” -James Legge

Both A. and B. may be true and not true depending on the perspective of the observer.

-Josh Fleming

The Journey


To become apart of the process as its unfolding, not to anticipate its arrival, nor its departure, not to comment on its intention or purpose. To allow an exchange of course, whereby the traveler and road need not direction nor sign to continue upon this path. A destination that cannot exist without a trail to lead or follow, a destination made possible by the course that traces the outlines of existence. On this journey, as we become apart of the process of our own unfolding. Already having arrived at our destinations, ever departing on the surface of a circumference without end.

-Josh Fleming

Image by: Javier Campuzano