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When a man does not dwell in self, then things will of themselves reveal their forms to him. His movement is like that of water, his stillness like that of a mirror, his responses like those of an echo.

Zhuang Zhou

Great Sage of Daoism, The Inner Chapters of the Zhuang Zi



The centipede replied: I do not manage them.

One who forces their way to power, will touch no food. One who moves with the stream, the rarest of fruits. They made no history, rulers, with simple branches, trembling in heavy snows, far from honor and wealth, they cling to a root that does not grow.

What am I under Heaven, shall I act as if I were something. All is movement. Three thousand years, midnights precious shrine. To leave a sacred shell, shrouded in incense, or to go on dragging the tail in the mud.

To distinguish the tip of a hair, the horse travels hundreds of miles, relative is our view. Of fullness and emptiness, how can one compare. One does not rejoice in completion nor lament in beginning. The revolution is not over, birth and death are even, the terms are not final.

-Josh Fleming; Remixing Thomas Mertons translations of Chuang Tzu

Image by: Oystein Sture Aspelund


When great Nature sighs, we hear the winds

Which, noiseless in themselves,

Awaken voices from other beings,

Blowing on them.

From every opening

Loud voices sound. Have you not heard

This rush of tones?

Thomas Merton translation of Chuang Tzu

Image by: Franz Walter


Thoughts On The Dao


“If you are always without desires, you thereby observe its marvels. If always have desires, you thereby observe its outer fringe.” -Laozi

Possible interpretations:

A. If you are not seeking something from afar, you are much more aptly to attain and immerse your being with what is occurring in that moment with the Dao, being in an ordinary state of consciousness, yet fully absorbed in its action. If you are seeking beyond this you are missing what is in view as you cast your gaze at other possible outcomes, becoming only immersed in an imaginative rendering of a yet to be approached outcome. -Josh Fleming

B. “Meant here by “outer fringe” are perhaps empirical observable natural phenomena, all of which come about through the power and working of the mysterious Dao, but none of which manifest the Dao itself. By somehow becoming free of desires, it would appear that you are supposed to acquire a capacity to comprehend what eludes the grasp of ordinary consciousness.” -James Legge

Both A. and B. may be true and not true depending on the perspective of the observer.

-Josh Fleming

Vacate The Premises


The pendulums sway, obtuse lines succeed the entrance without exit, perspective fallacies contradict the nomenclature. Bend the fiction upon the bow of truth, death is the only witness to contest the living. Bespoke your name, release this arrow, become the character without form. The purpose to return, allow the Integrity to tear through the void of ignorance, a subtle whisper wakes the dead.

-Joshua Fleming

White Trunk


We are here, never there, if only we could see this as so, come to appreciate the moments given, to hold gratitude in heart for what sustains its rhythm, to appreciate the moments given, if only we could see as it is, not as it has been spoken, to invest our entirety in the wholeness of what is becoming reborn in this very moment. Bless…

-Josh Fleming



In every moment life is reborn again, yet we fail to recognize this perpetual self evident truth. As it spontaneously arises, we are not fully present to experience the revery, locked up in quite corridors, the solitudes of a past not fully lived, while anticipating some preconfigured possibility of a future fully restored. Unwinding the days, until they are fulfilled. In the day that is done, they will be made as one, only to forget to remember, some past, some future, so the present may continue its course without hindrance.

– Josh Fleming

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