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When a man does not dwell in self, then things will of themselves reveal their forms to him. His movement is like that of water, his stillness like that of a mirror, his responses like those of an echo.

Zhuang Zhou

Great Sage of Daoism, The Inner Chapters of the Zhuang Zi


The Watercourse Way


We forgot the story, what should not be told. As dead men grow old, before the rust, we were young. The affairs of innocence meeting a sleeping giant, as we try to speak a language that does not grow. Obstructed by our own maps, it is not which way, but is only the way.

– Josh Fleming

inspired By: Tao: The watercourse way, Alan Watts

Zen In The Flow Of Tao: On The Road To A Deeper Ecology Of Mind


Zen is a deep respect for the existence of any given moment. Being in accord with the Tao, is simply acknowledging the present with full attentive awareness. When we achieve these altered states, this centered consciousness, we develop and nurture the relationship of existence itself. To be fully aware is to dance in the moment without obstruction, to flow effortlessly within the relationships of the observer and the observed, until there is no separation in-between. Along the many paths we all follow, we must recognize what we pass, to see where we are going and to always remember our way back home.

If we choose to cultivate these seeds of our own individual awareness, we can deepen our roots into the animate earth that gifts us our very abilities of being alive. As a species one of our most apparent desires is to communicate, to convene, to be received, to acknowledge each others presence, as our own. This truism is also held within the wild sensuous world that surrounds us. Yet we have lost touch with that world, gave it a name, called it “Nature”, as if it is where something outside of who we are. If we can again extend and bestow our attentive awareness into this more than human world, what we shall give, is what we shall receive, the full-realization of the mutually codependent relationship, that is our sacred communal existence. The essence of our true harmonious being, so able to send and receive all the echoes of that which envelops us. We are interdependent, not just for our survival, but for our very experience of what it is to be truely alive.

We must feel the world again, to retrieve what was lost, the archaic belonging to our sense of place. To change who we are, where we are heading, we must first listen and acknowledge the rites of all things that exist along our paths. To protect what is other we must recognize it as our own being, to become the steward and not the reaper, we must learn to have compassion for ourselves and our world. This is the purpose for all beings, the relationship that must be fulfilled. Awe, the moment we fully embrace our existence as not something separate or alone, but completely enraptured within this complex web of being, this undivided unity, as it continually breathes, in and out, in and out…

– Josh Fleming



Moving with the accord of whatever patterns you recognize, becoming completely immersed in the balance of the moment, listening intently to the beauty and the awe of the realization, that you are breathing life as it is breathing you. Existence and experience are in the relationship between the breathes. Breathe in, Breathe out, that is all that is required.

– Josh Fleming

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