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The Mimic and The Mimesis


Nomadic agency quilted on the farm
boundaries-patterns emerge,
to be sewn to the edge of what feels to be safe—————distanced from the phenomena yet to be encountered.

Demarcated threads of who we are, who we were–stitched
in prior knowledge of space—a background
of unchanging identities carries no light to the edge of the pier.

Horizontal lines of earth and fire
transversed by the vertical,
the depth of air and water.

Boundaries-patterns dissolve
in the sinking abyss,
rising over the reflections
the many faces we wear
flying out on the wing,
receptivity to the space-between

-the mirror and its projections.

Let us begin with the unexpected.

-Joshua Fleming

Image by: Yamasaki Ko-Ji





Are we racing back towards our beginning, entranced in futures-past, is tomorrows technology the high priestess, the culmination point, is time seeding itself from branch to root, from the earth to the heavens, are we working our way back through the archives of an encrypted code entombed in the earth to establish telemetry within the heavens or are we moving forward through the heavens to re-establish communications within the earth. Will we stay within digital dreams forever or settle back into analog notions, could we be entangled in-between two strings, not knowing which end to untie and which to tie together.

If the shoe fits don’t where it.

Time bending upon the axis of a circle squared.

Tripping over the laces of reality.

Walking without rhythm the bear feet feel the drum of the earth.

Yet wearing the socks of logic makes winters frost warm the toes.

The square gives pause and boundary to the circles curvature.

Cornering on the right angles of reason.

Walking in step to feel the measure of the heavens.

Paradox, the Mighty-ReArranger. The end. Or possibly just the beginning.

-Josh Fleming

Image by: Jorinde Voigt


“Evidence. : Disguised


[14:12] ..e45 (u-44) ..thousands of worlds apart, deconstructing the real, what happened in 74, .. what fell away, memories vanished, cut from the faculties of by which we apprehend, :::fucked up the transmission…, how beautiful, but who can remember, one world masks by another, to assemble itself, is to take apart the other, language can speak without ever saying a word, a depth-perception denied, circa: 2(3)74 ::: spatiotemporal axis apprehends the occipital, plasmatic manifesto, intoxicated by the confession, spontaneous information re-orders the syntax, historical regression, what does not perish persists, to be held in awe, in an infinite multitude, endless possibilities, to seek no further, to cherish this moment and behold its resurrection, to seek no further, enveloped in perfect stillness, a birds song anchors my belief and shatters my faith, never have I known, such love, a vital up welling centered upon its pivot , the transcendent abides within its abstraction, to feel its motion as your own, to seek no further, in this house is our home, in this kingdom that holds no master, nor servant, walking without distance, one cannot perceive its end, to seek no further-in this house-is our home.

-Josh Fleming

Inspired by: PKD Philip K. Dick, The Exegesis of Philip K Dick

Image by: Christine Odlund




…that its not the point, that its not so defined, tragic routines will create false patterns, do not except there retreat, ritualize your intent, to see through this image of self, this does not dissolve it, nor stand outside of it, to see through is to witness the generative capacity of time divided by consciousness, to move beyond this where there is no pause in-between thought and action…

…the observers effect, to open one’s self corrective lens, to expand the view, entranced in the experience of creating a path, a way, to teach and be taught, by becoming apart of the processes unfolding…

-Josh Fleming

Image by: KARI/ESA Korea’s Kompast-2 Satellite captured image of Namib Desert


The Space Is Between Us To Give Rise To The Creative Force


It is the movements upon the canvas, not the color nor the form it takes, what becomes dried and hard, the movement is the art of change, the art of nonbeing entering into being. Always keep the brush damp, never finish what cannot be completed, the masterpiece is the work, always in progress, always in process from one state to the next.

– Josh Fleming

Painting By: Caspar David Fredrich, The Monk By The Sea, Der Mönch am Meer


earth s

The first time they saw it, separated from its shell, nineteen hundred and sixty six. A jewel filled with light, hovering above the desolate moon in an endless expanse of night. Our home, unveiled. Polarizing the nations, giving them dreams of going beyond the shelter that grounds are being. Igniting an new era of possibilities, inviting any who would dare to take the steps needed. Yet the image can do more, it can erase all the boundaries, all the conflicts that divide. Giving us hope that we will see that we are all connected, not just to each other, but everything that surrounds. While illuminating the imperative truth of protecting, what protects us so well.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: Nasa, October 1, 1966: The world’s first view of Earth taken by Lunar Orbiter I

The Overview Effect: https://vimeo.com/55073825