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What We Know For Sure


I know you…

maybe,    maybe I knew you,

what parts of you / you would allow me to hold in relief

without anxiety or disbelief,

an abstract painting to distribute your personage into an identity I could rely upon.

A door frame I could enter and exit without questioning

the house that is ruined,

or on fire,

or so delicately arranged as to mirror the heavens.

What do we know, who do we really know?

The stones seem the same

holding their positions like guardians of an unknown kingdom,

yet they too shift their shadows in relation to ground

reaffirming its position.

Uncertainty that is what we know or what can be actually known,

a infinitesimally small potential particle of glass,

shattered in the rearview of language, perception and belief.

As we are the passengers and drivers of reality

reaffirming itself in conversations about who we are and where we are going…

-Joshua Fleming

Inspired by: Michael D. Jackson, Lifeworlds

Image by: Yamasaki Ko-Ji











Art can be seen as the manipulation of perception into form. As artists we can only attempt to craft something that not only speaks to that of ourselves, but to others in such a way that opens them up to a new sense of fidelity and understandings of themselves and their world. Wether by facing some harsh truth, swallowing of denial, or by feeling compassion and the wealth of beauty pigmented on the page before them, possibly reflecting back some sense of gnosis or understanding. No matter what creative form or lack of form an artists comes upon to shape and mold, even if it is formless, as in a meditation, or the orality of spoken language crafted into a story, or the immeasurable immensity of which we call music, I believe it can still root itself in a form, root itself in the heart of the listener.

As we pass through galleries, street corners, skim through books, or digital bits of information trailing images across a lighted screen, it is up to us as observers wether we consider ourselves artists or not, to discover what we will. The art itself wether visual or written possibly does not hold enough innate ability in its occurrence to fully or always impact the viewer as much as when the viewer holds his or her respective candle up and within their own creative, subjective, imaginative or objective capacities they gaze upon the mysterium within its expression, to then illuminate the art for themselves in their own personal way of knowing or gnosis. So it is up to the artists to create the stage, but it is up to the observers to walk out upon it.

-Josh Fleming

Image by: Elfie Kalfakis




Sew my hand into this fabric of earth, so deeply-rooted-that I may feel this memory. This coursing-pulse, this pounding-heart. Rusted stories still cling to backs of our mind. Discursive thoughts vanishing upon the fixed-horizon. To behold—the presence of being. To feel its weight in bone, to remember our presence as its own.

-Josh Fleming

Image by: Philipp Haager