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When a man does not dwell in self, then things will of themselves reveal their forms to him. His movement is like that of water, his stillness like that of a mirror, his responses like those of an echo.

Zhuang Zhou

Great Sage of Daoism, The Inner Chapters of the Zhuang Zi


Thoughts On The Dao


“If you are always without desires, you thereby observe its marvels. If always have desires, you thereby observe its outer fringe.” -Laozi

Possible interpretations:

A. If you are not seeking something from afar, you are much more aptly to attain and immerse your being with what is occurring in that moment with the Dao, being in an ordinary state of consciousness, yet fully absorbed in its action. If you are seeking beyond this you are missing what is in view as you cast your gaze at other possible outcomes, becoming only immersed in an imaginative rendering of a yet to be approached outcome. -Josh Fleming

B. “Meant here by “outer fringe” are perhaps empirical observable natural phenomena, all of which come about through the power and working of the mysterious Dao, but none of which manifest the Dao itself. By somehow becoming free of desires, it would appear that you are supposed to acquire a capacity to comprehend what eludes the grasp of ordinary consciousness.” -James Legge

Both A. and B. may be true and not true depending on the perspective of the observer.

-Josh Fleming

The Koan of Knowing or Unknowing


If we completely let go, will it be another wave that we find ourselves riding upon, another ocean, will consciousness extrude out the body, recreating ourselves in pure imagination, or will we realize that we have already done just this, just as we are, caught in our everyday mind, yet maybe it be, that it is only in which how we choose to relate to its constant wanderings and ramblings, its pines and its revelry, in silence may we discover an answer wrapped in question, to confuse the sages, or keep them on the path.

This thought comes to me as I am petting my best friend, he seems to be quiet content with the shape of things, would I be any other way?

-Josh Fleming






Placing Order Over The Chaos


The Dao does not build in straight lines. Upon the many fields of potential expression, is an ever-changing morphing anomaly of subjective awareness. As we apply our techniques of memory, attention and control, we have created a path, a stream of self-evident artistry, yet are we merely building out over the waves, the patterns, to create our own, to give us some false sense of stability, of order, of identity. Is this clinging to the past, what is keeping us from beholding a future. History is repeating, as we move towards that inevitable end. If we remove the patterns of our convention, of culture, of religion, of self and other, through utilizing various techniques of ecstasy, may we remove these filters, and where could this take us to next?  We are in need of a new story, a new cosmology, yet it cannot be told, it must be experienced from within on an individual level. Or we will recreate the world once more in our own image, recreating the cults of the past, bootstrapping ourselves further into Oblivion. Evolution is waiting behind the veil, faith is removing belief, stepping over the known path, to be bathed in the waters of nous, washed clean of what we thought we knew, as we continue to spiral around the great gyre, bending and reshaping realities to embrace another story, one that can never be told, but only be experienced.

-Josh Fleming

Things Return To Their Place



The water which falls, a nocturnal air deposits its secrets, the assassins of old autumn. The smell of colors ran dry, to walk down the stairs slowly. Always restlessly arriving, the widows sunk into the den of the earth. It knows not what to answer, of these broken things, it must not speak of memories that have passed each other. The rope which is woven by oblivion and tears, everything falls into its hands, which it raises, into the midst of the rain.

-Josh Fleming

Remixed words and lines from Pablo Neruda

Image by: Alina Shevelina