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Art is a Verb, that needs to hear an echo


High Art, I believe you were mistaken in your deceit, of an occurrence bleeding symmetries upon a page. What is praised, is lost , if not gifted and given by an authentic gaze. You call them doodles, scratches against the wall, possibilities for perfection. I think you are to humble, I call them the most High. I say your Art was expressed in a form worth sharing as soon as it left your mind and trickled down to the patient hand that circles its emotive and creative nuances like storms, Great Storms, caught in the eye of some drifting falcon, allowing for errors and triumphs to pool together to invoke a feeling not just in yourself of alignments to steady your flight, but any who would choose to witness the same for themselves. To be so bold and put your Art out into the Great Storms of this world is much better than to cage it and allow to it settle, as many have and always well. Dying in some notebook, left in the dark corners of an attic, only to be revived in the eyes of a child sifting through the tattered remains trying to settle and see why the artist had to leave so soon in the ambulance, before being fully acknowledged for their impressions left upon this world, as we are forever indebted to the ongoing processions of the forgotten artists as they walk across this stage.

-Josh Fleming

Image by and poem inspired by: PMu ink, Echo



The Artist’s


We are all endowed with an ability to produce an emotion, whether by print or tone. As it drifts from the artists mind to find its medium, it redirects our attention, distracts us from our temporal existence. To witness a purpose that provides a wealth that fulfills without debt. With each glance we memorialize its inception and redirect its intention as its worth leaves an indelible impression upon our hearts and minds. Art is a reminder that existence is more than what we can afford, a remainder of what we may leave behind, it is what we can dream and what we can create with what we are given that makes us all artists, as we continually starve for communication, strive for connection and await our final reception.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: Suzy Poling