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Music Of Spheres

He was walking a frozen road

in his pocket iron keys were jingling

and with his pointed shoe absent-mindedly

he kicked the cylinder

of an old can

which for a few seconds rolled its cold emptiness

wobbled for a while and stopped

under a sky studded with stars.

-Jean Follain

Translated from French by Czeslaw Milosz and Robert Hass







“Every time we walk along a beach some ancient urge disturbs us
so that we find ourselves shedding shoes and garments or scavenging

among seaweed and whitened timbers like the homesick refugees of a

long war…

Mostly the animals understand their roles, but man,
by comparison, seems troubled by a message that, it is often said,
he cannot quite remember or has gotten wrong… Bereft of instinct,
he must search continually for meanings… Man was a reader
before he became a writer, a reader of what Coleridge once called
the mighty alphabet of the universe.”

-Loren Eiseley

Image by: Joshua Fleming

The Mimic and The Mimesis


Nomadic agency was quilted on the farm

boundaries-patterns emerge,

to be sewn to the edge of what feels to be safe—————distanced from the phenomena yet to be encountered.

Demarcated threads of who we are, who we were

stitched in prior knowledge of space—

-a background of unchanging identities carries no light to the edge of the pier.

Horizontal lines of earth and fire

transversed by the vertical,

the depth of air and water.

Boundaries-patterns dissolve in the sinking abyss

rising over the reflections—the many faces we wear

flying out on the wing,

receptivity to the space-between the mirror and its projections.

Let us begin with the unexpected.

-Joshua Fleming

Image by: Yamasaki Ko-Ji




Art’s Manifesto

Art that you don’t understand or do not like or do not appreciate is the Art that you need the most.

Art that you understand or fully appreciate has already taught you everything you already knew.

Art that you do not yet know, is a calling to help you exercise your imagination and deepen your understanding of the world that you thought you once knew.

This ability of Art to shape-shift our perceptions and thought is its greatest strength, the world needs shifts in perception, the world needs Art.

-Josh Fleming

Roll The Dice

if you’re going to try, go all the
otherwise, don’t even start.

if you’re going to try, go all the
this could mean losing girlfriends,
wives, relatives, jobs and
maybe your mind.

go all the way.
it could mean not eating for 3 or 4 days.
it could mean freezing on a
park bench.
it could mean jail,
it could mean derision,
isolation is the gift,
all the others are a test of your
endurance, of
how much you really want to
do it.
and you’ll do it
despite rejection and the worst odds
and it will be better than
anything else
you can imagine.

if you’re going to try,
go all the way.
there is no other feeling like
you will be alone with the gods
and the nights will flame with

do it, do it, do it.
do it.

all the way
all the way.

you will ride life straight to
perfect laughter, its
the only good fight
there is.

– Charles Bukowski


What is undone, appears empty like a valley, matures slowly, in its authenticity, creativity appears imitative to its opposite, that which to overcome by moving towards a dialectic sense of silence, activity, tranquility are covalent in there return to end of  beginning.

Line 5 The use of emptiness reimagining

Between heaven and earth are a great bellows, in its emptying its retains its power, moved by the creative, not disturbed it sends forth presence, to much directive exhausts the mover, leaden grudges seal the passageway, your inner being guard it, keep it well and free.

The earth away, artifacts of dissimilar purpose, everything included everything, the flint knives and mammoth teeth, Plato’s eidos, wind remembers mind, both move over immeasurable distance.

-Josh Fleming, some words may have been sutured with my own, don’t remember the source from when it was written, thanks be to those that may have helped.

Image by: Dan Reisinger