* A circle is a square aware of its own geometry, giving way to its predefined angles and sharp edges to the curvature and bend of its own will.

* A square is a circle, forgotten to its natural geometry, following the controlled decent into pre-defined measurable points of contact with itself.

* The circling of life never reaches its end, forever dodging its tail, spiraling into another so not to discover its method and destroy its implicit design.

* A circle has no beginning and no end for every point of contact with itself is its creation and its demise.

* The imperfect circling of life is a means without an end, only inside the contouring lines one may acquire the perspective to draw out further courses of action, thereby forgetting the outward destination and allowing the circle to envelope oneself without any recourse to the conceptual laws.

* The indecision of a circle to meet its end is an expression of the Tao, like water running down the face of a mountain always changing its direction, forever eluding the mountain to its source.

* Materialism and Spiritualism are two points along the same circle.

– Josh Fleming


Pass through the hallowed bridge of this life without trepidation.

Hold no fear for the rushing sound of silence, as it is a sweet symphony, of fleeting cessation, no more arriving as is departing, like a wave upon an unending shore.

Face separation, with courage as you withdrawal your final breathe, like a flashing sword severing the egoic mind from the psyche, piercing the pale horse of death, releasing the transient rider from this holy vessel.

Follow the razor to its edge as you slowly transpire, setting out into the infinite light of the great mystery.

– Josh Fleming


If this life is all, but an illusion and all really is one…

If this piece of you is none other, than a piece of me…

If we are all exploding fragments of an infinite being, drifting throughout an endless manifestation of that which is one…

If it is true that I dream of a you, dreaming of a me…

If this is so, may I be so bold to ask one request of thee…

Let us not awake…

Let us sleep…

So this dream, may continue…

– Josh Fleming


Culture is an in-process evolution of the minds ego, disseminating knowledge, as a belief system, establishing a foundation or ontological ground of being, defining a set of perceptive cues for its collective adherents to subscribe to when faced with how to view and process sensory input.

We would be wise to remember that how we view the world is in and of the matter of which culture we are seeing and sensing the world through. The multiple diverse cultural lenses of the worlds people offer humanity a unique manner to manifest how we perceive and interact with our world. With each culture telling its own creative story of its experience with what it is to be human. Today at an accelerating rate many dominating cultures are ever expanding their territory  encroaching upon others, forcing smaller cultures to assimilate to alternative ways of viewing the world. In time this mass-migration of dominating culture will cause the extinction of the many smaller rich and diverse cultures that pervade our world. This will bring great sorrow for the remaining mono-cultural lens that is left. For this singular lens will have accumulated a residual film blurring the vision of humanity and thus only allowing a small aperture through which to view our world.

– Josh Fleming

An in-process exploration of writings about life