Seek out life there is much to be found; know when to unearth the stone and when to rest upon it.

To find direction. Do not seek guidance in the words of others; long written down, rather seek council from within, trusting your senses to delineate your course of action.

– Josh Fleming

The Ignorance of Bliss

The greatest gift of this life, is truly not knowing what we already know. This life, this suffering, it is not a burden of stone, but a chance to experience and create, manifesting itself through our body and mind. The darkness and the light both breathe from the same internal fire. Do not fear this life and do not deny yourself this chance to be who you are meant to be. To find courage one must look inside themselves. Through courage one gains strength and with strength one gains balance. In time balance brings wisdom and wisdom births the Bliss of life from the seeds of ignorance.

– Josh Fleming

The Way of Nature

Nature speaks many tongues; she vibrates with knowledge and wisdoms untold, the memories of our past and visions of our future ride amongst the wind and reside deep within the waters that flow throughout her vessel, set adrift in a dark sea, with yet a single light guiding us in the distance. Nature’s divine code is wrapped inside spiraling throughout our bodies, navigating our path as we wander and evolve through this complex web of being. We are made from Nature and its divine will and intention to create and propagate its knowledge beyond this vessel. This is life in motion reviving  Giants of old and breathing the breath of life into being. Nature is the great mystery moving through us advancing us on our path.

– Josh Fleming

An in-process exploration of writings about life