A traveler on the road to nowhere always seeks direction from the wind.

– Josh Fleming


Capitalist Ventures, Inc.

Pending Prototype Titles:

Gross Domestic Product- [GDP-209]

Economic Development – [ED-209]

Today I wish to present to you a machine that needs know introduction, the GDP-209. An innovative machine like no other, manufactured from the blood, sweat and tears of thousands of slaves to the systems of human material progress. The GDP-209 is a revolutionary prototype that is if our calculations are correct, and they are, it will in time completely wipe out its own life-support system. I know what your thinking, how could anyone design such an inspirational machine?  It is truly a gift from the gods. The GDP- 209 has been set to self assemble, passing on its instructions for existence from one generation to the next, forcing all to follow or suffer the consequences. The GDP- 209 run’s itself on the highly non-renewable resources of this earth. It does not require rest, time off or paid vacations. Its program is simple and efficient, to seek out possessions, control and power and by any means necessary. Simply put, GDP-209 gets the job done and does not mind getting its hands dirty. Our vision and hope at Capitalist Ventures, Inc. is for a future that is guided by our advanced technologies, a future that is systematically designed for human consumption and material well-being. Capitalist Ventures Inc. will be re-writing the very code and structure of nature itself. In closing we wish to thank you all for your support. Goodnight.

– Josh Fleming


No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

– Albert Einstein

If you awaken from this illusion and understand that black implies white, self implies other, life implies death or shall I say death implies life, you can feel yourself not as a stranger in the world, not as something here on probation, not as something that has arrived here by fluke, but you can begin to feel your own existence as absolutely fundamental.

– Alan Watts

Rorschach Test: Slide 1, Let us begin…

In the beginning they say it went off with a bang, ink of existence splattered out amongst the cosmos, you are but this very process, this universe unfolding, connected to every breath and every event, set forth on the rings of Saturn to guide its turn, to bring yourself round again, and feel your existence as fundamental as the sun burns bright, your eyes give it its light, do not allow others to disregard your presence or file you away in this culture of dismay.

Our egos have been hijacked, the eyes of the blind see through the present syntax.  See evolution running faster than cultures can keep up, revolutions rounding the corner trying to catch up, let us wash out the historical solder that holds this industrial hand to the fire burning out our desires, disband the hive, rotate the border, turning the pages of history, the compass points to a higher order, 46 degrees and counting, transcripts of metaphorical blueprints, historical misprints headed as fact leading the blind to war, no hand to guide the sword that severs another is he not, but my brother.

Let us dissolve this greed, this cult of militant creed, heads bumping to the sound of politicals gone corrupt, death dealing machines fighting over scraps of land, like mad dogs, tearing flesh from bone, painting bureaucratic lines, that hide the lies that bind this fractured system, religions of the state preaching fear not love, imposing values seeded from cultures gone by, impeding judgment through present eyes, shipwrecked we are, coach’s washed up upon the shore, marooned on tiny islands to ourselves, foraging through the nightly news bins, channel flipping, the screens all posed for your dollar, absorbing only disinformation and fragmented conversation, desensitized are we that lie prostrate, stigmatized by this unholy box, speaking in tongues revealing only the tragedies of our own existence, enveloped by the static buzz of the media, our social networks and immersive technologies, accepting secondhand images for inner experiences.

The worlds on fire, praying for rain, the earth’s climate is changing, weather by man or natural design, we would be wise to head its call, adapting to this new earth system. Yet the economic steamroller continues its path, countless species of flora and fauna wiped clean from the record, pollution radiating the air, land and sea, ancient cultures still fighting for their rights to survive as their voices are silenced forever by the sweet sounds of what some call progress, engaged in a fierce battle of chess, our opponent ourselves, ignorant to the advances of our own moves, setting up progressive traps, many civilizations fallen by the way-side, but as they say, the game must go on, still planning the final attack upon our queen this earth, a suicide mission has been ordered.

Waves of depression comes crashing down, nose diving from 30 thousand feet, bodies falling like Cain, swept down the guttural drain, divvy out the prescriptions, for the pain, take the pill they say, a slow drool, only allows the corporates to keep their rule, steal our will, does this make you feel ill. Just outside uncouth are the lines wrapped around the voting booth, choosing sides that divide, neither suit comes clean and changes the scene, education and taxes still the same just a new face, romping around keeping the pace, a brand name set to expire holds steady long enough for us to devour, the hand that feeds, just more lies, deceit best served cold, still chocking on the price tags of past mistakes, open up if your hungry for more, the game is rigged in so far as you continue to pull its lever.

Hoodwinked, don’t blink you just been rejected, labeled defective no worry the powers that be remains abreast to your investment, see present situations defy human convention to swallow the scope of this material invention, defining wealth by the dollar not the collar, leashes tied to fence post, creative minds kept at bay, access denied, humanities potential still yet unrealized, the masses still asleep and dreaming, see the stars have no place without their space, in present relations to our state who are we to continue at this fucked up pace.

Wait stop, apply the brakes, somebody wake up Bucky Fuller, ok continue, Spaceship Earth, still flat spinning, no pilot, raise the roof, checking the date, 50,000 years, I do believe this human engine needs an update, download this knowledge, the umbilical noose ever tightens upon generations lying in wait, as they may not awake, for the current state of our unending debates, leaving this world tattered in humanities short lived wake, is this to be our final call, mission control all coms are down, do you copy, astronauts set adrift on a dark ocean, yet a single light still guides us in the distance, we must remember, born from the tails of comets we are, the universe still pulses thorough our veins, lets us reclaim this place, the heaven surrounds us here and now, it is our time, reboot this system.

Let us reinstall a collective focus for humanity, its motto, to protect and serve, this ship our earth and all that dwell. We need to see we are connected to this vessel, better we need to feel this again from within. We are the interdependent parts that make up this whole, the navigators, copiloting the path, we are the finely calibrated instruments through which the universe peers upon itself with awe and wonder, stargazing through the creative lenses of human perception, nature is a verb, God in action unraveling the story of creation as we observe it, let us take heed of this moment, extinguishing our fear, allowing peace to fill this void and steady our hand, so we may draw out new lines that encompass us all, set to repair and redirect this ship as we set out on this voyage together.

Let us be bold and imagine life beyond this sphere; the mighty Giants, still awaiting our arrival, seeding life on planets set afar. Let us stand together on undivided ground and co-create this world that we wish to share with all, allowing the gifts of our arts, religions and sciences to coalesce, progressing beyond our wildest dreams, let us all unite.

– Josh Fleming

An in-process exploration of writings about life