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Hypnos 160

Dew of humanity, drawing up and concealing its frontiers between first light and the emergence of the sun, between the eyes that open and the heart that remembers.

-Rene Char

I am a thorn enduring in the dark sky,
I am the one whom I have never met,
I am a swift fish shooting through the troubled waters,
I am the last inheritor crying out in deserted houses
I am the salmon hidden in the pool on the temple floor
I am what remains of the beloved
I am an insect with black enamel knees hugging the curve of insanity
I am the evening light rising from the ocean plains
I am an eternal happiness fighting in the long reeds.
. . .
The panther rejoices in the gathering dark.
Hands rush toward each other through miles of space.
All the sleepers in the world join hands.
-Robert Bly

Art’s Manifesto

Art that you don’t understand or do not like or do not appreciate is the Art that you need the most.

Art that you understand or fully appreciate has already taught you everything you already knew.

Art that you do not yet know, is a calling to help you exercise your imagination and deepen your understanding of the world that you thought you once knew.

This ability of Art to shape-shift our perceptions and thought is its greatest strength, the world needs shifts in perception, the world needs Art.

-Josh Fleming