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Stories That We Should Tell

.“We didn’t become humans when we invented tools,”  “We became human when we looked at the person sitting across the fire and began to tell stories.”

-Guthrie Stafford

Flames burn and wrap around the darkness between us,

the light of the tree that once lived is re-igniting in its renewed since of purpose.

A single word is carried over the blue-grey smoke,

over the fragile distance,

something shifts in evolutions curve.

The heart is given a voice, a new song-

to then tell the stories that should be told.

-Joshua Fleming




Follow The Road


Travel well my friend, do not worry with the signs, of which way to go. The shoulders of the mountain, the teeth of the sea; they will teach the wanderer when to bend, when to bow, when to stay and when to move along.

-Joshua Fleming






Tracks and Images

Over the calm,

like an arctic fox.

Suddenly aware,

one could create everything.

Our train began to move,

in memory-somewhere else.

The green touched with grey,

pressing our faces on the cold glass of things past.

Children of wind and shadow,

we are older now

few words

something is beginning in our ending.

The train began to move.

-Joshua Fleming Remixed from various lines of; A Book Of Luminous Things, Czeslaw Milosz