K.A.R.M.A: redefined








KARMA can be illustrated by in how the universal forces act upon one and other, although cause and effect can at times becomes blurred or change positions in time or space, just as observations of objective phenomenon can create a subjective return, from particle to wave, or wave to particle, how energy is being dispersed as it is being observed is a something of a paradox, not to be solved but experienced.

KARMA is the sum total of all subtle momentary interactions, both internal and external. As a first interposition or origin establishes a force of action, i.e., wether communicative, somatic, or visceral, wether its outcome is initially + or – cannot accurately foretell the variable spacings that can shift positions and designations and influence later events to come. 

KARMA is our interactions with ourselves and our world that is correlative, how we choose to echo are sentiments and character will shape the very fabric of existence itself, our stories are always interpolating and can cause a shift or reversal of polarity by in how we reciprocate or denigrate our acts towards ourselves and others. 

KARMA is when we allow ourselves to fully embrace any given moment and strive to be apart of its appearance and its process, we can better orient and navigate between the waves of life, as Life is not made by or propagated by finite series of momentous moments, but rather by an infinite variety of opposing and attracting variables, some small, some large, residing within each and all is the very real possibility to find a measure of peace, clarity and resolve.

KARMA  is when we choose to view Karma, not as a negative return on a positive nor a positive return on a negative, but as our innate ability to shape and contour ourselves and all that surrounds us in a more balanced fashion, we then can begin to inject our very being into the porous skin of existence, to have and to hold an awareness, a mindful and embodied stance towards any given waking moment and to actualize its existence as your own, to internalize your presence and externalize your actions in a manner conducive to success.

-Josh Fleming

Image by:  Christine Ödlund



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