Notes On Existence


Embodied wisdoms shaped the curvature of our stead, language manifests the symbols of our arrival. Disciplined rites and rituals inform the passages. Culture inlays the fiber of our being, stretched from the static the strings vibrate erratic. Taken from the custody of purity, given moral deeds to conquer instinctual desires. Unconscious delays attempt to re-route the script, the servitude of the seat for a King. Purveyors of wealth, Freedom is a bell that does not ring, action fires forth from a cannon without fodder. Thought and action engaged in this suffering. Stuck in-between two coursing rivers, to build a bridge that does not cross, but unites each side. Hemispheres of symmetry hewn by the wayfaring traveler, yet songs will not be heard if the bow is not strummed. Paradox is the source of this continuum. Learned practices grow deep roots, flowering in its season. The capacity to attain without striving, the way to walk backwards, yet gain a forwarding momentum. Confucius and Laozi identify the extremes that cannot be grasped without holding and letting go of the other. The polarity is not to separate, but integrate with the course of its action whether by thought or by its absence. The Greatest song will not arrive without sufficient space between its notes. As the Way of Heaven and Earth is manifested through our performance upon this stage.

-Josh Fleming

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