The Purpose Is In Its Place


Watching a time-lapse of broken pictures, other lives seemingly being fulfilled, as we fail to realize what is our own. What is always with us, yet so often left trailing behind, or placed so far from our grasp, yet it is always here, always greeting us upon every turn, engulfing us in presence and purpose. If we cease to remember this, this patient and persistent truth, what can be sensed and known, we shall forget to fulfill the purpose in its place. Our lives seemed to be organized by chaos and fate, pleasure and pain, courage and fear, yet beyond our many chapters of regret and redemption, life is rewriting a moment to be fully actualized. If we are aware of this occurrence, become apart of its appearance, everything will be in its place. Purpose will drive us to meet this reality, as it is, directions will be waiting with the leaves on the ground.

-Josh Fleming


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