Unknown Fields



This is the carcass of your mind, the refuse of the global terrain, objects resurrected, transformed and projected. Illuminated spokes and dreams, simple gears turn abstract media into the market place. Tethered to the line, an unknown workforce quietly assembles a dystopian future. In the films of our youth we see our own, the science fiction of truth appearing, as entropy is rising and enfolding us. Landscapes stripped of all place and meaning, this is carcass of your mind. We believe in progress, the staple consumed around the breakfast table, in equality, that which we have, others do not. As we continue to pave the path, a place to walk that does not touch the ground, ensuring that we do not feel what we have left behind. Our senses slowly drifting, evaporating, and condensing onto the surface of this tiny glass screen.

-Josh Fleming

Images by: Lefu Baturu





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