Coffins and Playing Cards

Brazil, Altamira, Para. Le Para est l’etat le plus ravage par la deforestation, la confiscation des terres et l’esclavage. Le 12/02/05, sœur Dorothy Stang est assassinee. La missionnaire de 74 ans se rendait sur un projet de developpement durable quand elle est abattue par deux tueurs a gage a 40 km d’Anapu. Cette religieuse vivait en Amazonie depuis plus de 30 ans et avait consacre pres de la moitie de sa vie aux communautes rurales dont elle defendait les droits terriens. Elle avait egalement denonce le role joue par les polices militaire et civile dans l’expropriation des petits proprietaires terriens au profit de fermiers et de voleurs de terres locaux. Ce crime a lieu 16 ans apres le meurtre de Chico Mendes, defenseur emblematique des communautes rurales amazoniennes.

Is it as it should be, this frame in which we sense this world, is it much to large or much to small, are we in decline or merely rising? Is it worth the effort to force a belief into to the equation, to seek a solution? Is it in how we dance or how we bury ourselves away, can we strive for rightness, yet stay where we stand? The paradox of opposites contracts and reforms, if we reach further will it continue to expand, this life in the palm of our hand? Should we examine the circuitry or just feel its pulse, can we patiently collapse into a memory or should we burn ourselves away in momentous moment?  Choice, is it in the action without deciding, or in the planning for who we are, who we will become? Choice, is it to decide a path, a purpose? May it be that, to construct your world and how you will choose to shape it, to be apart of your own belief, to turn myths into the songs of your own cosmology. To create or to destroy, is the only question left to ask.

-Josh Fleming

Image by: Christophe Gin


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