Thou Art That Which Thou Are


“The role of the mind in the construction of reality became an issue of concern.”

We shutter at our possible pasts, our possible futures, afraid of what may still remain. An echo resonates in its chamber, our indifference, anger, guilt, regret, our doubts, our fears. These are but a few indentured qualities that sway the balance, that tilt our attention from what is occurring. Nature holds no such anchor, we are of the same pattern, only we have chosen not to be its witness. To look away, as we tear out the heart, to feel nothing in the face of everything. Though the rhythm is not lost, change the perspective of the viewing lens, allow this subject and object to align and then blur back into there frames. If we cease this endless recording, measuring and analyzing and simply begin with feeling, connecting, and letting go of that which does not define us. Holding our attention only to that which is what we are, a process of knowing by allowing it to be as it is, if only for a brief moment, a brief reminder. As the joy, the pain paint with the same colors, separation is not to be constructed as a form of solitary confinement, it is to be an instrument of its own making, we are both the hand that moves and the song that sings. If we are to have a purpose than let be to give our presence to that which gives us ours. We are not here to wait in line, we are here to dance, to be free in our movements, to be flexible in our thoughts, our bodies, our spirit, to grow and evolve, to accept not our limitations and to invite in the awe, the overwhelming truth of love residing without a name, this is not a test, this is life, the universe becoming known through human eyes.

-Josh Fleming

Image by: Andreas Fischer

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