Amused To Death: A Mindfulness Manifesto


Stop thinking, start being. Thoughts, they retract, refract and reframe awareness from what is happening of itself. Analysis supersedes the presence of purity, actions become tailored by convention, reality is re-presented and packaged, wrapped up in its ideals, over prescribed falsehoods. The identity of belief is shattered in a mirror of pure reflection. Faith is an act of letting go of what we thought we knew, to understand what is actually occurring. Evolution is waiting. The waves they froth and foam, crashing onto the shore, we try and gather, to navigate with false lights flickering beneath us, as above us they teach us a truth without ever saying a word. Stuck in patterns, locomotive movements, the way stations of our minds, always entertained, never informed. To regain some sense of ordered chaos, stop asking the questions, start listening to the answers.

-Josh Fleming

Image by: Ricardo Bessa, Mindfulness Manifesto




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