Naked Awareness



She opens the door, that we must walk through. Guidance through transition, wisdom in yielding. Language and perception mask our awareness, truth comes without discretion. Growing towards a center without focus, moving with eloquent intention. To observe its faculties, is to witness form without boundary.  Darkness enveloped in blankets of light. The painted veils of an iris, sensing, receiving, the stories of our shared existence.

-Josh Fleming




2 thoughts on “Naked Awareness”

  1. Witness form without boundary. That is the most beautiful expression of I have ever heard !!….. Awareness. I see you my brother. Ps you told me to check out your WordPress well here I am. I have one of my own also! Thank you.

    1. Hey thank you so much for your compassionate words brother, it means a lot, its been a while, hope you are well. I am checking out your blog. We should catch up again sometime. I will send you my contact info to your email.


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