Placing Order Over The Chaos


The Dao does not build in straight lines. Upon the many fields of potential expression, is an ever-changing morphing anomaly of subjective awareness. As we apply our techniques of memory, attention and control, we have created a path, a stream of self-evident artistry, yet are we merely building out over the waves, the patterns, to create our own, to give us some false sense of stability, of order, of identity. Is this clinging to the past, what is keeping us from beholding a future. History is repeating, as we move towards that inevitable end. If we remove the patterns of our convention, of culture, of religion, of self and other, through utilizing various techniques of ecstasy, may we remove these filters, and where could this take us to next?  We are in need of a new story, a new cosmology, yet it cannot be told, it must be experienced from within on an individual level. Or we will recreate the world once more in our own image, recreating the cults of the past, bootstrapping ourselves further into Oblivion. Evolution is waiting behind the veil, faith is removing belief, stepping over the known path, to be bathed in the waters of nous, washed clean of what we thought we knew, as we continue to spiral around the great gyre, bending and reshaping realities to embrace another story, one that can never be told, but only be experienced.

-Josh Fleming


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