The Threshold


What a Fucking Journey, this life, our lives, yet we are so shielded, from what we are, from what we can become. We all add to the fountain, as each holds the key for the other. All things are doors, meant to be traversed, opened, unlocked and set free. Caged in thought, guarded by secret saviors, the systems of our ways, intellectual and spiritual terrorism exist, from within and from without. As the past is clutching the present, devouring our futures, the beast is never satisfied. The clear light still flows effortlessly, the mountain is from within, the eternal fountain courses in blooding veins. This is not be taken lightly, we are not here to fuck spiders, we are meant to hold the doors for the others coming through, to break the prisms, this prison of mind. To move against what holds us in place, to reach for roads not yet traveled. We are all on this journey, we might as well keep moving forward.

– Josh Fleming

Image By: Leif Podhajasky



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