The Division Of Life Becoming


Within the cellular rests the potential, the division of the twin. Juxtapose the definition of a circle, growing within another, what awaits in dream becomes reality, what awaits in reality becomes dream. Within movement shape and color take expression. Hold concentrated effort, realize the patterns, the design inherit. Genetic expressions shake through, a skin encapsulated ego. Biology is language, thought resonates with blind perception, to identify the self, as the light flourishes under dark skies. The Emboldened Silence. Spontaneous action burns through the obscured mind, courses through stagnate pools, as streams become rivers. The Great Flood is widening, opening to the center. The mouth leads to the source, echoing, the yawning abyss. The sound of an ocean of chaos held within a moment of clarity. A world appears before the stranger, the moment becomes clear transparent intention, as the wound closes, the emptied vessel shatters, the pieces separate, the anomaly is set to continue.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: Bruce Riley

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