Divorced from the primordial, the tribe is literate, the village is global. Simultaneous happenings, we confront the screen, electric communications breed the scenes. Our thoughts betray us, rapidly replaced by new information. The world is pre-configured, block by block, bit by bit, we are now living in our future. Sci-fi revelations scroll across the blank canvas, technologies create the public view, as the opinions drool of the chin. The discovery of our reinvention is the darkest suburbia, the lawnmowers are grinding to a halt. The lives we lived are but someone else dream, an advertisement, a blueprint for consumption. The perpetual identity relayed to the next, for God and Country, for Global Domestic Product, for Economic Growth, for whats Mine is Mine, we will take it all, Population Override, Population Override, ctrl, alt, del, ctrl, alt del…

Image by: Josh Fleming

Words remixed and rearranged with my own from Marshall McLuhan/ Quentin Fiore, The Medium Is The Message


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