The Surgical Precision Of The Universe


Shapeshifting Along The Medial Axis Mundi:

In the Theatre today will we attempt to demonstrate a full dissection of the conscious individuated psyche of a rather peculiar occurring species known as Homo Sapiens Sapiens and hopefully will conclude with a complete reattachment to the source.

Surgical Abstract:

After the initial incision along the 5th dimensional coronal line we witnessed the birth of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Throughout the induced linear time scales the species has reconfigured by way of trial and error various processes to alterate between conscious states, they have discovered the following. “Giving ourselves over completely to any given moment is a meditative process of de-individuation, the more we lose of ourselves the more we gain of the other, a process of transference whereby our being is suspended temporarily and thus reanimated into the presence of another, a non-dualistic reciprocity of sensorial exchange occurs within the relationship of object and observer, if the process persists unabated a reunification will occur, whereby there will exist no entrance or exist, no division between self and whole.”

In Closing:

Although the species has made evident a steep learning curve and is still somewhat stumbling about on the slopes of their ever wanting self agrandizing supplementation of feeding their egos, they have shown the transverse ability to heal the wounds of their own making and thereby still hold the keys to their own evolutionary potential with thus the ability to ford the river and connect back their mother earth. It is our hopes that through the various practices of personal introspection by meditative and altered states of consciousness that humanity will reawaken to the symmetry found within the living systems that they manifest and our manifested within.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: Alex Grey

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