Transmigration Of Bardo


57 death trip, the police, downtown air raids, smoke fills the air, lungs collapse to the floor, tidal lapping sentiment, moments pulse in memory, faces shutter, a pantheon of gods summon the majesty of mortality, sleep now.

The mind bows before the heart sutra, holding the jewel of compassion, an offering of silence is given, the radiant emptying brings forth the encircling deities, in the east gate we roam in the intermediate state of dawn, reflections to the west greet us as we pass, drawing forth the expanse of being, the lotus and the bell amidst the mass of light, hold the sword and shield against the peripheral forms, pierce the wrathful with smiling presence absent of fear, return again to gather the light.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: DZO Olivier & ZK Sphere

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