Shit Happens


Accidents seem to happen all around us at any given moment, shit just happens. Sometimes its good and sometimes its bad, depending on how we wish to see view it. Occasionally as some theorists say, a Universe also just happens, and then lots of good and bad shit starts to occur within its ever expanding evolutionary cycle of shit happening. Some fear this idea of shit happening, thinking about our place in the world as a mere accident of random processes at work. However if we look closer at this theory of the Great Accident aka, shit happening, the fire in the lab of creation if you will, we can see something emerging from this cosmology that is truly remarkable and awe inspiring. Here we are, Conscious, at least most of the time, self-reflecting emissaries of light and energy formed together to ask such questions as who and why we exist in all this chaos and what where gonna do with the time we are given. That is to say everything in existence is the pure essence of beauty wrapped up in the chaos. However we wish to view it, we give purpose to the purposeless and a name to our very being. We have the ability to shape and co-create what this story is to be, as it is being told. Saying that there is no design or architect behind the process is just saying that no preordained dictator exists and therefore allows a natural spontaneous creative process to unfold in and of itself. Just as we define our visual arts with varying degrees of styles, so we to are defining and telling the cycle of creation itself as this shit happens. The Universe gives us the faculties of our mind, the emerging hemispheres, where as the right holds are empathy, creativity, and intuition, as the left holds are languages, sciences and focused intent. When balanced we achieve a hightened sense of consciousness and well being, as so does the Universe.  If it is true that we are an Accident, mere shit smeared across the windows of a dreaming cosmos fast asleep at the wheel, it doesnt seem so bad after all if you really think of it. As we are the Universe staring back at itself, seeing and describing our own features through the confluence of all time and space. Evolution is learning to talk, accidents will happen, sometimes bad and sometimes good. Its up to us to decide how this story will end.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: María Ley

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