Between The Lines


Imagination, my child. Memory has no control of what we remember, our eyes alone can still cry out. We must overcome our rage and disgust and see that they are shared by others. Discipline, you’re bleeding all over. Let the mind find its own way about. Between reality and the account you give of it, there is your own life, which magnifies reality. Bending the fatal arc of the universe, dew of humanity, drawing up and concealing its frontiers between first light and the emergence of the sun, between the eyes that open and the heart that remembers. Fulfill with regard to others what you have promised to yourself alone. That is your contract.Thrust into the unknown, which burrows deep. Force yourself to keep turning. In the darkness of our lives, there is not one place for beauty. The whole place is for Beauty.

– Remixed by Josh Fleming, words take and rearranged from Hypnos, Rene Char

Image by: Andy Lee


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