The Feedback Loop Is the Mirroring Of Existance


Our senses to embrace the elemental are not fixed and deposited abilities, they are not created solely for our own comforts and needs, to send and receive, but also are extended to and for the sensuous world that we reciprocate and that which reciprocates us. All that we perceive and exchange within our sensorial likeness, will in-return both reunify and remake the world around us. Yet the great erosion has begun, the extinctions of our fields of viewing and sensing. We are co-dependent on the other, the animate realm that we inhabit, to orient and commune with the substance of our making, to awaken to what has always been, but a few feet away. As the shadow collapses into shape and form, we see clearly through the palpable storm, the movements of time gives rise to our story within the rind of the great heart of our mother.

– Josh Fleming

Image By: Benoit Paillé


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