Our Purpose Is In The Design


“In a world where there are no eyes, the sun would not be light and in a world where there are no soft skins, rocks would not be hard, nor in a world where there are no muscles, would they be heavy, existence is relationship…”

– Alan Watts

We are the great storytellers, as we all share in our many tales. Within the diversity of cultures that have gathered together and within the more than human world that envelops us. Our perceptions, our languages shape the very identity of the universe and our place within it. As the interdependent relationship of our existence is constantly reforming its sacred bond. We are aligned and intergrated into the very systems we are attempting to explain. See we are gifted by creation, evolution has given us our name, along with the necessary tools to experience this momentary effulgence of transition as a species walking upright to tilt the angle of the sun into the viewing lense of our co-evolutionary shared experience. Let us acknowledge our connections and dissolve our fears, allowing the tides of birth and death to ebb and flow through our very being.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: Unknown, Tibetan Wheel Of Life


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