The Mimics Learn To Think For Themselves


We are but mimics, mnemonic parrots perched upon the shoulders of our fathers, overseeing what has been with what will be, a life lived within the boundaries of historical fallacies. We feel so lost and alone, drifting aimlessly within the shadowed sea. Our sense of originality is contrived and contorted, our sense of place is marooned and distorted, our purpose is estranged from the very place of our birth. Our senses have become numbed, perceptions devalued, as the uncomfortable silence of death still hangs like a unwanted wreath around our necks. The connection has grown weak, yet it still holds together with frayed ends, to the more than human world sending out its distress signals. Wrangled from our grasp is our ability to love independenly, spontaneously, of what is expected of us, from those that chose before us. Fear has clouded our judgement, sleepwalking through the maze of days, our technology helps to pass the time, like a baby’s rattle, amused to death by our own creations. The balance of power is tilted, corruption breeds, the victim-perpetrator bond has been set. As this vast world is ceasing to exist under our very foots path, yet we keep walking in these languid circles, retracing the same lines that bore our restraint. The potential to learn and coevolve within this system awaits our admission of error, our salvation can be our reintegration through our own intra-transpersonal experience. Stepping into what we left behind, through the unguarded gates of our original mind, what is without beginning or end, encircling this great garden that is our only home.

– Josh Fleming

“There is so much religious and historical conditioning layered onto the human psyche that it impedes access to the naked veracity of our own experience.

– John Lamb Lash

R.D. Lang asserted that the ultimate destruction that can be done to a human being is to destroy its capacity to have its own experience.

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