Leave The Light On


We feel so safe, so nurtured. As if death was given another task, selling the daily news. Showing us how bad its gotten on the other side.

Tucked in tight, our little fantasies. We built up towers of glass, to reflect back the denial. As far as one can see, only more streets, some clean and neat. Some littered with what we cannot face.

Earth is something we find on the discovery channel. Its looks better in the box, the highest quality projection, of our own engineered perfection.

We have worked so hard to build up a world within our own. Building parks within the cities, emulating a sense of what’s still out there.

People still gather their, on the green padded ground, watching the sky turn. Until their attention is taken back into an even smaller world, dancing across the tiny screen.

We feel so safe, so nurtured, yet we have forgotten what it truly feels like, to feel Alive.

Death is just a door, we cannot hide from its dying light, cursing around the frame. But we try our best to survive, inside our boxes, for as long as we can.

When the time comes, will we turn to run back to all the things we never faced. Or will walk without regret into the room, turning off the switch to rest for awhile.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: Rudolf Vlček



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