Steady On The Path

steady on the path

She hides in the mist behind the tall roots, the essence of nature. Changes her position in-between the shadows of light, in-between the dance of my emotions and reason. I pace forward, steadied as I advance my step into the future of the present moment. The air replenishes my being, as it redirects my recollection of events never passed, such a calm – cool place to find myself existing. Then pausing to arouse the question of why it is I ever left?  May it be so I might come around, to see it all again for what it truly is. An ancient expression of conscious evolution moving along the path of ignorance and wisdom. As l witness what has become, in my absence of mind. Commenting on all the details, forgetting to see how it all came to be, as I headed for home.

Image and words by: Josh Fleming


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