The Expanding Purpose Of The Universe


Whether accident or design, our purpose is not so hard to find. It is not bound to any one book, nor any one theory. It is not shielded from our eyes. It is evident in our breath and in our lies, as we continually trick ourselves into believing that we are not the answer to our own questions. The Universe has found a way, to view itself in disguise, questioning its own meaning, asking itself why? We are only blinded by what we choose to define. As we exist with more purpose and intent than we can possibly imagine. So much love, that it had to be split and divided. So we may all share in the true wealth of our being, existing in memory, in the moments in between, this long awaited dream. As we are all still in the process of waking up to find that our purpose is in the heart and how we choose to receive ourselves as we come into and out of being.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: Sapna Reddy


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