“We are primitive little animals; we haven’t a clue about ourselves or about the effulgence of existence in which we find ourselves in. If we are fish living at the bottom of a very dark sea and we are vaguely aware of light, mainly bioluminescence from other fish, we will see these glimmers going past us, some very bioluminescent fish will go past us, above us, and lots of us will follow it as the brightest light, but still with little idea of what the luminosity is like on the surface of the sea. “ So as I say, God for me is more of a direction, an indication of a course, rather than a continent or a destination.”

“It’s a sacrilege to put a name on him, because he doesn’t belong to the area of thought, of language of mind, if you feel that you can name it you haven’t understood it at all.”

– Lawrence Blair, Ph.D.

Image by: Henry Compton


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