A Message From The Truth – Side


Everything is fine here, really. See, well bob here, that’s your name right, bob. Ok well, he made this thing, that wipes away everything that you think you know about well everything. Its was terrifying at first, I hate suits, but love elephants. Bob what are you doing with that thing, goddammit, Im trying to talk here. Sorry for the language, seashell fans scare the shit out of me, sorry again, so we ate this cake and then here we are. He said we should be here not to long maybe, just for a few hours, so thats why I took this photo to remember. So that’s alI I have for now, but don’t forget life is a lot weirder on the truth-side. So enjoy, you know where you are as its really not so bad all the time. The designers do a pretty good job of keeping it all together, for the most part, much better than what we look like anyway, right bob, ok put the damn fan down.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: Billy Shire



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