Eyes Wide Shut



If only their eyes could feel and hear like I. It is the blind that have the ability to see the world as it truly is, an endless sea of possibilities. Shades of color do not distort my view. For I can see everyone clearly as they are, a masterpiece in disguise, if only everyone could see as I.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: Roy Nachum, Portrait of Romeo Edmead, image with braille

Romeo Edmead in front of his Braille portrait painted by Roy Nachum. Edmead, a blind writer from Flatbush, Brooklyn, says Nachum’s art inspired him to start returning to art museums.

Concept: After completing a precise painting, the artist blindfolds himself and paints an expressive layer over his own painting. Using only touch to guide him, he physically touches the model while blindfolded. The work is “violated” by a primordial and expressive image; outer and inner visions collide in a unique and compelling form of expression.


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