The Final Departure


We left today, the guilt is heavier than the gravity that we are transcending against. We did everything we could, admittedly we should have began the work much sooner. Leaving our home for good. The blue pearl, she had aged prematurely, turning to grey, wrinkled and near her end. She did all she could to support her children, even the ones that made her so sick, but the wound was deep and the infection had spread throughout. By the best estimates she only had a few years left. A few even chose to stick around, to do what they could, to pay their respects. The last thought that entered my mind before I looked away was did she regret us. We took all that we could, to bring her biology with us, hoping she can breath again. Its the least that we can do, I just wished we could have done more. Signing off.

Image and Words by: Josh Fleming


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