Crash Test

man eats earth

An incredible amount of constructive evolution has been demonstrated to give rise to our species. We should thus be mindful and grateful for this honorary gift as it has been bestowed upon us. Nature has been promulgating for years on end, yet we have failed to listen to the proceeding in her courts of law. Our roads of progress have continued to jam up her freeway. Always falling asleep at the wheel, as we forget that we are not the only drivers on the road. There are many navigators that surround us, to ask for directions when we are lost. If we would only stop long enough to watch and listen to the signs. Will we continue to stand by and witness these heinous acts of atrocity as our species drives drunk and enraged intent to consume and control all that stands in its way. If so I fear De-evolution will be waiting, hidden around the next bend, an unsurpassable road block that will end this race. Only as it becomes apparent will we then realize that we set this up ourselves, this final progress trap, as we topple over one another in a massive destructive end. Somebody please wake us up before we hit the wall.

– Josh Fleming

Image by: Unknown, edited by: Josh Fleming


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