Heaven exists as we are, in this air that we breathe, in the space between every hand that we should clasp. The gift of eternal life surrounds us, it is up to us to decide to what degree we acknowledge its presence.

What if the ideas expressed and entertained by many as the heavens above have been misrepresented and thus may possibly be as follows. The counterpart to our existence, the heavens of the sky, are better viewed then as a bardo, a purgatory or place resting in-between states of being. Heaven exists, just in a somewhat peculiar station, residing outside of the confines of the identifiable mind. It is tasked with keeping up with all the information and or energy that has been coming and going along the path. It was crafted over the course of transferring the transcendent phenomena and seeing it as a logical progression to have a receiver safe or a reservoir to temporarily contain the progressing spirit and its life’s stories. It is the transient depressurization tank for the soul. Upon rising up to the surface, some time is needed to regroup and remember how we came to be and what we may have learned along the way. All of the necessary elements are there if needed, those others that we held so dear waiting to usher us aboard to rest in the moment, to reflect, to mend the pain of separation. When it is time, when we are ready, we will step back out onto the deck of the great ship, walking over to its edge to dive back in to the depths of the unknown of sea.

– Josh Fleming

Image from: Deviant Art, by: Csoor Jozsef


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