Steps off in the distance, the obscured haze, holding a determined gaze. The mystic hood, retreating to find sanctum, covered in isolation. Whatever may arrive is welcomed through the hole in the soul, the smoke and flame empties the vessel, to embrace the strange sensation of the body coming back to its ground.

– Josh Fleming

Image from: Flickr, The Commons

The traditional pilgrimage involved three days of fasting and two days of prayer. The central prayer of the pilgrimage was called a ‘station’ – prayers were said at the penitential beds, in and around the basilica, at the lake edge and at two ancient crosses. The island’s penitential beds are the circular remains of monks’ cells about a metre high with an entrance and a cross in the centre. This station is St. Patrick’s Cross. The stone shaft in which the cross is set dates back to the Middle Ages and is a relic of monastic times on the island.

Date: Circa 1890


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