fruit flys reborn

It has begun, as we try and recall what we have since forgotten. What we learn, is only what we remember, as we have known this before. The subcircuit malfunctions. It was never lost, the language of our beginnings, it is safe coiling inside us all, the word of God. The sea of information, its various deposits scattered throughout. Images scrubbed from the walls of history, libraries burned to the ground, tongues ripped from the mouths of those that would speak of such things. Yet they could never destroy its message. We appear to be carriers of this message, the logos has been recorded, but never deciphered. A dead language that can never be spoken so clearly to preach its word, nor can it be rendered unto an image of its likeness, nor could it ever be written upon any page so that one could understand its meaning. It is something that rests, until it is ready to be awoken.

– Josh Fleming

Inspired by: VALIS by Phillip K. Dick

Image by: DNA 11, Fruit Fly Factory, The Cross-Section Of Ovarioles From Fruit Flies


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