Replicant Gnosis


The pinkeyed light survives, the neoplasmate needs sanctuary, in the codex of this suit. I heard the lepers flinch, the dolls wrecked, cast in oblong arms, the words still dribbling off my chin. I am lost again. The physician has come a number of times, disguised in polyform. The specter will lurk, transient cranial bleeding. The trinity rattles, a snail slouching whisper, shelved, the exits evaporate. Who new the plans they had for us. Beyond the anthills, drag me a vessel. I have been waiting so long. The sting of augur, the temple left in ruins, an effigy for the anonymous. The stained walk of sobriquets, pull the pins, the revenant has arrived. I will remember to defend it, to carry the message. I will pretend your not around, like everyone else, as we forget to remember how we came to be.

– Josh Fleming

Inspired by and words rearranged from: The Mars Volta, Deloused In The Comatorium and VALIS by: Phillip K. Dick

Images Overlaid from: Bladerunner


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