The Meeting


A man in a long coat arrives, carrying the briefcase. I am your third arm, your second shadow, the light of history shines upon them, you can rest knowing this. The second arm was broken by its faith, casted in the plaster of the church. Daring not to tell this dangerous dream, about the separations, the attempts to shut the windows. The anger came from inside, the cold draft of death always welcome before, but not this day, standing firmly in this world. Your features did no begin between the thighs, nor did they begin in these pastures. Rain began to pour down, although the sky was clear of clouds. There is more joy than we know of, there are whole rivers of light. The arrogance of reason betrays you. A bell is ringing that no one has shaken. This song, the final request, is about forgetting who you have been, dying in the light of this love, only to remember who you are still yet to become.

– Josh Fleming

Words inspired by and remixed from: Guardian Angel, by Rolf Jacobsen, A Man Lost By The River, by Michael Blumenthal, The Light You Give Off, by Rumi, The Dream, by, Felix Pollak, and The Guest Is Inside, by, Kabir.

Image from: Flickr, The Commons, The Library Of Congress


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