The Eyes Of An Ocean

A perfect silence suspends my thoughts. A strange sensation is occurring, as a watering is welling up from the depths of my being, drowning out my sunlit eyes. From where it comes I do not know, nor where it goes once the tears have departed. Careening down the lines of my face, diving down into the snow white sands that surround me. Bliss is upon me. Staring out as far as I can, transfixed by this moment. The Ocean, is she speaking to me or is it through me? Could she be so vain, to hold my sight, so she may gaze back at her own? To witness this beatific vision that is unfurling. As her body curves, folding back onto herself, wrapping herself up tightly within her arms, then lapping herself up onto the shore, her hands outstretched as if to pull me in, then receding back to start again.

– Josh Fleming

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