1980: Continuum

The day I was born, to early the hour that arrived, not ready to enter this world. A mother stricken with illness, a child that should not survive, two hearts in struggle. Defiance gives us strength, the will to continue. A twin sacrificed to soon for the cause, decisions made by whom, so that I may breath. A percentage not worth mentioning was all they gave, incubated, held under the light. The chaplains were made ready, the child was blessed in rites for reentry. Nine weeks or more had passed, as we headed home to rest in the cradle. Thirty four years as it goes, blessed to be in this life, good to hold remembrance for how fragile its is. To rival the odds, to receive the ticket to play this game, I will try and be the brother for the sister that was not and the son for the mother that has passed. I will continue.

– Josh Fleming


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