Particles Smudged

The After Party at the Hadron Collider, CERN near Geneva, Switzerland 11:11PM

Erase this memory, this brazen story that we have accepted, as the way it is, the way it must be. Our calculations, they have come full circle, without any evidence to the contrary. So we might as well toast to our achievements of undiscovery, “only revealing our own methods to conceal the truth, so that it does not end.” We have chased out the cypher, wiping our mouths clean to the taste of success. We are the deer caught in headlights, waiting to meet our end, so let us celebrate with our racks adorned in flutes of champagne. Drunk and disorderly as we leave the party and wander out onto the road, sideswiped and bleeding out, left for dead, as the Anomaly comes round to clean up the mess that we have made.

– Josh Fleming

“Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.”

– Meister Eckhardt


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