Red Herring

The continuous circuitry. Our greatest achievements, flowing about like nervous insects feeding off bits of information. The grid glows in sequence. The concerns of our grouping, we can’t go home again. The regime has been overthrown, yet the Empire never ended. Civic duty is to consume, social order is dependent upon economic sanctions. “We have enough space for everything and everything is in its place.” Classified patterns are instructed by the platforms, the ignorance of expertise, we could never afford to lose the merger. As evolution of time and space sits quietly in the back of the class, the educator instills the procedures from which to follow. The malignant mask, a culture that never dies, backed up upon secure servers. The maelstrom re-configures to strengthen its stratagem. Propaganda can only end if dialogue is to begin.


– Josh Fleming

Inspired by: Marshall McLuhan, The Medium is the Massage


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