Of Questions of Faith Unquestioned: Part 2 Resuming the Dialogue

“Think for yourself, question authority”

– Timothy Francis Leary

This essay, if you can call it that, is not intended to be anything more than just an idea to entertain, an opinion of the way things maybe, possibly. I have no intent to preach or state any facts, as I do not believe one exists in our current modes of perception, nor do I wish to cause any undue emotional distress to anyone, by degrading a particular belief system. However this is an impossibility for we hold so much to our own preconceived notions of reality and our place in it. So with that said I should just begin.

I am re-creating the wheel, or at least attempting to turn it in a forward direction in this dialogue with me, myself and I. The thoughts expressed below are conceived upon my own spiritual experiences thus far and a personal study of thoughts previously circulated into the collective conscious or unconscious, if you will. I have had the pleasure to study and see other religions and spiritualties in action and wish to continue to do so, to never stop learning or experiencing is the task. The ability to dream, I believe is one of our most precious gifts, not knowing is the key to a life filled with wonder and possibility. I believe that within each mythic story is a unique cultural manifestation of what it is to be human. Possibly even beneath each abstract painting of spiritual intent is a base canvas to work from, meaning a possibility of unification may exist for the various religious themes that have appeared across the surface of this earth.

So therefore to begin this process I want to hone upon one very specific manifestation, one that is known the world over, but appears to be misunderstood in its current state, in my most humble opinion. This is not to say that other religious ideologies may or may not have the same imperfections. Moreover that not understanding something of this magnitude can cause irreparable damage as so has already begun. What is it to be of the Christian Faith then? I have asked this in a thousand various ways myself being born into this ideology residing in the Deep South. Since Christianity’s inception or its current rendition, a monotheistic lens has been placed firmly over the microscope, blurring out all other possibilities and sealing the specimen in its glass slide by acts of Faith. Thereby in holding this ideology of Christ and the religion about Jesus, it has created a false idol of worship and giving an influence of control to those in power to concentrate there will over their followers, spreading out from both the church walls and into the states vast halls. In affect we have extradited Christ up into the Heavens above, keeping him lock up tight with gate and key, kept out of the human experience, exiling him from the body and mind, crucifying him by pinning him upon the pages of scripture. Unfortunately for the church to continue in its present state this stigmata must stay in place, keeping the Savior wounded and bleeding from above.

The Nag Hammadi: The Gospel of Thomas

It is said that Jesus said, “I am the light that shines over all things. I am everything. From me all came forth, and to me all return. Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift a stone, and you will find me there.”

If God created man and women in his own image, than this should accordingly presuppose some inherent logic passed on with his, her or its creation, some reasoning, and that this creation will being created inevitably then question its own methods, especially if its is veiled of its own inception. This seems to be a natural process if things are so ordered in this fashion. Yet the articles of Faith that have been put forth in our so-called organized Denominations of Christianity negate any and all intelligent questioning to arrive at some palatable pill that which to swallow without choking in fear of what may be found. I wish therefore to question not the will of God, but of his most inspired creation mankind, that we should be so bold. I do not pretend to know Gods will, yet I do not wish to fear what I may not understand, for the evidence of love surrounds me.

I would like to entertain an idea that many have held to be the way, the truth and the light, as a misguided notion and what this means for the world as it exists today in its present amalgamation. This idea that a God, the one and only, an intelligent entity that must be beyond any known comparison, with a supposed love that which transcends all barriers would craft only one single event in time to deliver such a profound message, that being are only ultimatum to decide and gain a golden ticket to ride the Train of Salvation back into the divine light or face our abomination seems inconceivable to say the least. Furthermore that this message would be delivered and contained in only one such man, at one such time in the course of history seems to beg for controversy and ask for some journalistic integrity to question the Mass Media of the Church of its intention for its most precious personage. The message as many currently retain it, is basically as follows from my understanding.

Jesus was selected to bear the weight of all humanity for their sins against their own creator, so the creator sends himself personified in man into a suicide mission to be crucified in the name of himself, so that in effect we all can possibly gain safe passage into our creators Heaven, but only if we repent in the name of our creators only begotten son. A God that so loves us dearly, yet only conditionally upon holding the fear of his reprimand constant in our hearts, by accepting his son in Faith we may achieve immortality, via a contractual engagement of unconditional/conditional love from our Father, who art in Heaven.

“The whole image is that eternal suffering awaits anyone who questions God’s infinite love. That’s the message we’re brought up with, isn’t it? Believe or die! Thank you, forgiving Lord, for all those options.”

― Bill Hicks

This version of the story that has been told supplies an arsenal of dogma that has fueled an army of servants and at times if necessary, their will to serve their decree by way of force. Many of the major monotheistic religions of this world have catapulted us into the fires of battle and to this day mixed us deeper into the batter, the layer cake of politics, religion and the power of the governing vessels to extract resources and control, through the same antics of fear mongering, embodied in our most Holy Book. Fear of God, via the church and scripture, fear of Terrorists, via our Government and media, yet maybe what we should truly fear is a world controlled by the manipulation of knowledge, power and wealth, thereby subjecting others to the word/sword so that those in control may reap the rewards. The stories of creation, destruction, redemption and rebirth have been told well before and after the time of Christ and therefore do not negate God, only reinforce it or the relevance of understanding that can be had by any individual seeking to re-associate themselves with symbol and metaphor, substituting literal meaning for a figurative personal understanding. These stories, our world religions and spiritualties are humanities attempt to seek out the truth, as this story is still being told, creation is a verb in constant interaction with itself.

So what if this message that so many hold to, for various reasons was intended to be given as a gift from Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, etc., but unfortunately the gift was unwrapped to soon, trying to put the pieces together without the proper instruction manual. The message has been thus miss-transcribed, then mass prescribed as the preeminent medicine via the Church, for the afflicted souls of humanity. It seems rather preposterous to think that an all knowing God would prescribe such a drug that is set to fail, such an addicting substance, that drives its patients to killing in the name of it, one that has a list of hideous side-effects. A drug as an Opiate for the masses that by in large has inundated both the structure of society itself and the natural world bringing both down to its knees. Leaving both the natural world in tatters, environmentally deranged and the spiritual world in a confused state of delirium, with a demented personality disorder.

Again as a side note, I am not trying to only hold this to Christianity as this can be seen evident in various misinterpretations of World Religions, but for purposes of time and my knowledge and previous juvenile association from my youth with this particular religious institution, I will stay on course.

What if the message of Christ was mistranslated either by lack of apparent understanding, or maybe by holding onto pre-conceived thought processes of a cultural past or by way of a vile and disturbing nature, to possibly contort the truth for one’s own benefit to maintain power, or all three acts maybe sewn together over time to bring us to our current state of affairs. What if the Gnosis that occurred with Christ was in essence the same with Buddha that they attained or better remembered who they really are, that deep down etheric energy that pervades us all. That God has and still does send out many messages or better is made ready to connect with, if only one is willing go deep within themselves and discover what is the truth, what is only knowable through a direct experience of it, by a willingness to sacrifice yourself to behold the image of another, to go by way of actual faith is to accept what ever it wills itself to be.

What if Christ did not intend that we should believe in a God, that sacrificed himself, so we may forever be in his debt and hold such guilt for our being, one that we did not even sign up for to our knowledge, yet here we are. So that we can only try to be like our Savior through feeble imitation and ritual incantations, yet we are just a malleable toy that has its defects and can thus only get repair by remaining in constant service of our master under the high walls of the church. What if the man we know, or think we know as Christ did walk among us and in affect tried to as best as possible, as if one could simply teach such things, to explain that we are all sons of god, that he was not, the son of God, but a son of God, translations from language to language tend to fail miserably. That maybe we are all just awaiting to be woken up from this dream that we have created of ourselves to become in affect Christ like, or one with the Lord.

So if Christ was in actuality trying to say ye are all sons of god and that the gift of eternal life awaits from within, that the kingdom of heaven resides both from within and without us, resting quite comfortably upon this verdant plain of this garden that is this earth, that we have since forgotten to properly tend to over our current reign of existence.

The Gnostic Gospels of the Nag Hammadi appear to be saying this and in many of the scriptures left along the way in the bible dually translated and transcribed. This can also be found in various other religious scriptures and spiritualities as well. If read metaphorically and not literally what else may we find? The question is, can this word handle such revelation, such a profound shift in how we identify with God, Ourselves and our Natural World? This I cannot answer for certain, but it seems it would be well worth an honest try to read between the lines, to take personal responsibility for ourselves in all manner of our being, to continue towards the dream. For this state is transitory as we all know and hopefully we can all agree that we wish to leave behind something of real value to our children and this world. For humankinds action or lack of action is an equal and opposite reaction that may diminish our very humanity, our species and that of the natural world itself. Evolution is always pressing upon us; the first step is admitting we may have been wrong.

– Josh Fleming

Translation of the Nag Hammadi:

Excerpt form: The Gospel of Thomas

It is said that Jesus said, “If those who lead you say to you, ‘See, the kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.”

Thank you for reading


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