Rearview Mirror

Archetypes in the mirror are closer than they appear, traveling on the road, encountering strange mysterium, symbols appearing in the collective, an invisible hand ushering us along, our inner capacity to direct and edit the scenes is projected outward upon the lighted stage, the microcosm and macrocosm are as one, two sides of the same film strip, astonishing to watch and act in this grand play, the keys are always waiting on the table for us in-between the scenes of our dreams, to decipher their meaning is to fill the seats of the theater with wondrous depth and purpose, dissociation from the known self, reveals the other, behind the painted veil, lies another, a journey has been set, it is up to us to uphold the task, to heal from within, to mend the wound, to cast the fire out into the dark, illuminating the numinous face from the stone.

– Josh Fleming


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